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In my energy healing practice, which I started as Margarita Crocker and now continue as Martina Crocker, I provide a dynamic healing system designed to meet the specific needs of the individual client. My work honors the powerful healing potential inherent in the mind-body connection. I incorporate the following modalities:

  • Energy therapies
    Chakra and meridian-based for release and balance
  • TAT®
    Tapas Acupressure Technique for deep-seated fears and negative beliefs
  • Breathwork and toning
  • Meditation techniques
  • Movement

The benefits of energy therapy:

Energy work addresses the mind-body-spirit. It provides a pathway which allows us to delve beneath our symptoms and get at deeper causes… It is gentle in that it takes issues one layer at a time. Old patterns and old fears are stored in the mind-body and as neuroscientists are discovering, the cognitive brain cannot on its own release them. We have to travel into the realm of the body, the felt-sense to release these patternings. This is where energy therapies can be of great help. As we access the embodied experience of our mind-body connection, we can more easily shed our blocks, our defenses, our fears, our stresses… We can let go of where we are gripping so tightly and allow more flow into our lives. Through this transformational experience we can come to live more fully and mindfully.

Working with emotional and physical issues:

In my work with people the question becomes, ‘What is your next step?’ Is it to release an old fear, negative belief, trauma, stress or tension? Or is it to find a deeper grounding in yourself, a sense of finding your center, your inner core? Or might it be to be able to be present with what is going on in your life, to explore where there is resistance or denial or the urge to flee? Or finally the next step might be one of integrating seemingly disparate aspects of life, of finding a synthesis for the fragmentation of life’s experiences? Most sessions involve some combination of release, centering, and integration.

Many clients who come to me are also struggling with physical issues. Although mind-body therapies cannot substitute for psychological or medical treatment, they can address underlying imbalances and stresses. Many clients report experiencing shifts at both the emotional and physical levels during and after sessions. I consider my approach to healing to be ‘complementary’ rather than ‘alternative’ and over the years have enjoyed collaborating with psychotherapists, physicians and other health-care providers. The more balanced our human energy field is, the more effective other treatments can be.

My practice is located in Washington DC (near Tenleytown). I also travel to various communities to work with clients, often doing follow-up work by phone. I offer TAT® sessions over the phone.

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