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Having been interested in and studied astrology for close to 30 years, I find it to be a powerful tool in helping people uncover their inner potential.

The natal chart is a blueprint of sorts of the issues and challenges that we face in our lives, along with the gifts that we are here to express. Since we have freewill, astrology cannot predict the storyline of our lives. However, it can help us understand the timing of certain issues as they present themselves in our lives.

People have asked me how someone with my scientific training could have become interested in an approach that doesn’t seem to have any scientific basis.

My answer is always very simple: ‘Because it works.’ Initially, coming to understand my own natal chart gave me profound insights into my psychological make-up. It also helped me to understand why certain times in my life were more difficult than others and the underlying issues I was going to have to face if I was to grow further.

Over the years of working with clients I have found that an astrology reading can be deeply validating regarding what is going on in one's life.

This is true whether one is confronting a sudden period of inner confusion, of stress in one's partnership, or of sudden new interests and opportunities. The purpose of an astrology reading isn’t to tell you anything radically new—rather it is to give voice to that inner gut feeling, that inner voice in you that maybe has been saying for a while now that something needs to change but has been overridden by the rational mind that says, ‘No this is not a convenient time for that.’ Very often however, the inner voice is right, and it is the time for a change or to make a commitment or to dig deeper into yourself…. These are the kinds of insights that astrology can provide.

Astrology can open the door to a deeper exploration of yourself and where you are in your life. However, it is in then fully living your life that the inner growth occurs… And as I tell all my clients, ‘Take what resonates with you and leave the rest!’

I offer astrology readings over the phone and in-person. I tape the session and provide you with the cassette.

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